Sonar Jet

We are the sole agent for Sonar-Jet® in Australia. Sonar-Jet has been specifically engineered to reopen plugged perforations and clean deep into water bearing formations, such as aquifers. This system has been successfully used for over 50 years in the USA, Mexico, and throughout South America and Europe.


How does it Work?


Sonar Jet uses two controlled physical actions that work simultaneously:


  1. Low-grade explosives held within a detonation cord produce a mild “harmonic” frequency of shock waves, which gently loosen all mineral and bacterial deposits, including heavy gypsum.
  2. As the shock waves loosen the deposits, the pressure jets fluid at a high velocity back and forth through the perforations to deep clean the aquifer.


Sonar-Jet® cleans water-bearing formations beyond the casing, restoring porosity, and can accomplish rehabilitation without the use of chemicals.  However where the incidence of Iron Bacteria is a particularly severe issue, we have found that by using Sonar-Jet® in combination with the chemical Boresaver Ultra C  the results can be even more profound as the shock waves enable the chemical to penetrate deeper into the surrounding formation.  This then brings the added advantage of suppressing future growth of the bacteria for a longer period.