Test Pumping

It is important to determine the true capability of a bore prior to installing a pump.  Otherwise the pump chosen may prove to be oversize (funds wasted on an expensive pump) or insufficient (lost opportunity to maximise efficient water extraction).

We can carry out test pumps on bores (of varying duration) which have either been newly established, or where bores have been previously used some years ago and the client wishes to determine if the bores are still viable.  We have our own purpose built test pump units which have been designed and manufactured in-house.  We are also agents for Franklin Electric Pumps and have a wide range of pumping capabilities.

As part of the redevelopment of a bore carried out by brushing and surging, we also offer the facility to carry out short test pumps on bores prior to, during, and again after redevelopment.  This procedure enables the improvement of the bore to be recorded and compared.  Also by carrying out a number of short test pumps during the redevelopment process we can ensure that costs are kept to a minimum as it is possible to “overdevelop” a bore.

For further information about our Test Pumping services, email Water Bore Redevelopers or phone (08) 9206 3930.