Iron Oxide Removal (Aquabiotics)

We are agents for Aquabiotics Industrials ( who supply our entire range of bore cleaning chemicals.

We have worked closely with Aquabiotics over a number of years to develop a bore cleaning system that is second to none, producing results that ensure a bore stays clear of bacterial growth for extended periods.  The combination of Aquabiotics Chemicals, used with our own specialised development rigs has assisted in many cases with extending bore service times. (As an example, the service period for a bore that needed cleaning every 6 weeks was extended to nine months.)

All of the chemicals supplied by Aquabiotics have been certified as safe for use in a potable water environment.

Boresaver Ultra C is the most powerful product available for iron oxide problems and has been designed especially for screens, wells, pumps, and pipes. It is ideal for water supply systems that have been contaminated with iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide, and calcium carbonate deposits.

Boresaver Ultra C is safe and easy to use, and environmentally friendly – the active ingredients are organic and fully biodegradable. It can be used without dismantling equipment and does not attack or deteriorate any materials inside the system.

For further information about the chemicals we use, email Water Bore Redevelopers or phone (08) 9206 3930