Down-Hole Camera Surveys (Video Log)

down hole cameraWe operate a number of CCTV camera inspection units which involves the lowering of a high quality specially built camera designed to record video inspections of water bores.  The use of a downhole video log prior to commencing any rehabilitation work enables the work to be closely targeted to the area requiring the most attention.  A before and after video log, enables the client to see a visual record of the effects of the work that has been carried out.

The cameras provide down and side view with full 360˚ inspections of bores. Bores can range from 80mm to 600mm diameter, with the cameras capable of reaching depths to 1200-metres. Images are assessed and recorded to DVD and copies provided to the client as part of any work carried out.

Camera inspections enable us to; –

  • View bore water quality
  • View any contamination of the bore
  • Assist with fishing and bore failure investigations
  • Locate holes in the bore requiring patching

The use of these cameras also enables our clients to obtain “proof” that the desired outcome has been achieved.

Our mobile 4WD units enable us to access bores throughout Western Australia, both on and off road. We also have camera units specifically built for down-hole inspections available to purchase.

For further information about our Downhole Camera services, email Water Bore Redevelopers or phone (08) 9206 3930