Bore Rehabilitation

When the performance of a water bore begins to drop off, the water flow reaching the pump reduces thus requiring the pump to be throttled back. This makes the pump work harder thus drawing more current. This in turn leads to pump failures and higher servicing and running costs.  Often in the past the reaction, once a certain stage had been reached, was to abandon the bore and simply drill a new one.

We have developed a technically sophisticated method of cleaning water bores to the point where the specific capacity of the bore can often be returned to the operational level achieved when the bore was first drilled and, in some cases, even improve on it.

Rehabilitation of a bore can be achieved in several ways using a variety of methods, all of which we can offer backed up by experienced teams headed by licensed Water Well Drillers.

Methods can consist of any one, or a combination of, the following; –







Prior to commencing any rehabilitation work we recommend a downhole camera survey to determine the exact nature of the integrity of a bore and to determine the areas requiring the most work.  This leads to a more cost effective solution ensuring costs are kept to a minimum and any process is accurately targeted.

Test pumping the bore during the rehabilitation process enables the selection of the correct sized pump matched to the capability of the bore.  It also aids in demonstrating the improvement of the bore during and after completion of the rehabilitation process and to ensure that the bore is not “over developed”.

For further information about our Bore Rehabilitation services, email Water Bore Redevelopers or phone (08) 9206 3930.