Water Asset Management

Water is a precious commodity and becoming ever more so with an increasing population. It is therefore incumbent upon business to ensure that the use of that water is carried out in the most efficient manner possible.

In the past the assets used to extract and utilise that water have tended to be maintained on an “as required” basis. However, business is now beginning to recognise that the equipment used is valuable and worth maintaining on a programmed basis and further that legislation is also requiring better management of water. Our research has shown that maintenance performed on an “as required” basis can result in long-term poor performance and costly repairs.

Often we find that through an initial re-development of a failing bore the specific capacity of a bore can be significantly improved. Following this up with a scheduled ongoing maintenance program can then lead to further major savings in operational costs.  When the capital cost of drilling a new bore is taken into account the savings can be dramatic.

We developed a system of gathering data on an operational borefield and then reporting this back to management with recommendations in a timely manner.  This then enabled management to make the necessary budgetary calculations and to arrange for the required work to be carried out in timely manner.  This process has already been successfully applied and is being utilised by a number of existing clients.

We have now taken this process one step further and developed SENTINOS a patented software program with the capability of reporting multiple aspects of a borefields’ operation.

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