We have designed and manufactured in house our own specialised Total Development Rigs.  These are lightweight trailer based units towed behind a Utility vehicle, with a small footprint that does not require a special pad to be installed around the bore to facilitate operations.  These have a range of operational depths and can comfortably operate at depths up to 300m.  We also have a further modified rig which can reach 600m and a larger one that can reach to 1,000m for specialised operations.

These rigs utilise specially designed brushes which are targeted to the relevant section of the bore requiring the most work.  The process of brushing and surging, when used in conjunction with the chemical “Boresaver Ultra-C”, has achieved outstanding results giving a cleaning process that is value for money, more efficient, and gives far superior results than any of our competitors.

after before

After brushing and surging a bailer is used to remove all debris from the bore leaving the bore clean and free of foreign materials.