The Team

Kevin Wintergreene - Managing/Technical Director

With over 35 years’ experience in the water drilling industry Kevin has worked in many remote and urban areas of Western Australia.  His knowledge of the construction of water bores under different methods, and using different materials, has given him a unique insight into the challenges faced today by companies endeavouring to maintain and preserve this valuable asset.  He recognised at an early stage that water was becoming a resource that would require careful management and that no company at the time was offering a complete service with regard to the servicing and maintenance of commercial water bores.  Kevin holds a class 2 Cable Tool Drilling Licence.

Andrew Bates - General Manager/Company Accountant

With the growth of the company it was recognised that a full time financial administrator was required and Andrew, who is a UK qualified Chartered Accountant, was appointed to oversee the financial control of the company.  He soon became involved in all administrative aspects of the company and is now involved in many aspects of the operations of the company.  He has over 30 years’ experience in general Accountancy practices dealing with many different businesses, both here and in the UK.

Wayne Clifford - Pump Manager/Senior Supervisor

Wayne joined the company in 2009 bringing with him a wealth of experience covering the area of submersible pumps and is primarily responsible for the operation of our Franklin Electric Pumps agency.  He also oversees all test pumping and pump maintenance operations throughout Western Australia.  He has trained in the use of Rotary and Cable Tool drilling and has over 20 years’ experience in drilling and test pumping.

David Grimble - Supervisor

David is a relatively new member of the team and brings a new area of expertise and understanding in the operation of electronics and computerised operations.  He operates one of the company’s three high quality downhole camera units used in surveying and reporting on the state of bores in Western Australia.  He is also involved in many other aspects of the company’s operations holding a shot firer’s licence, among others, for the use of Sonar-Jet.