Newcrest Mining Ltd

Newcrest Mining Limited approached Water Bore Redevelopers (WBR) to get them to present the advantages of bore-hole cleaning via brush and chemical application. A campaign was then initiated to pull 10 problem bores that were requiring ongoing maintenance, due to motor and pump failure and do a camera run down the holes which were logged. The findings from the camera runs established a view of various foreign objects, casing damage, and iron bacteria problems. WBR were able to match the appropriate chemical to break down the bacteria and fish out all of the foreign objects. Brushing and chemical dosing then commenced, enabling Newcrest to establish a base line assessment of the bore-hole and its condition. The yields and availability of the 10 bores increased and were monitored over the next 12 months then they were pulled again and reassessed. The results from the cleaning were still evident and we have included this practice in our maintenance strategy. To date we have used their services to clean and brush about 30 of the production bores and have found vast improvement in availability and yield. Newcrest’s target was to have 15% of the bore field available to be taken down for maintenance without affecting production due to lack of process water to the treatment plant. This target has been met due to the cleaning regime provided by WBR.
David Welsh
Mechanical Supervisor - Utilities