Western Australia’s Water Bore Redevelopment Specialists


Water Bore Redevelopers is a Western Australian owned and operated company, which specialises in the provision of water bore services to Australia’s mining, agricultural, and local/state government sectors.

Established in 1995, we use advanced technologies and techniques to provide high quality water bore maintenance and rehabilitation services.  We employ experienced Licenced Water Well Drillers to oversee all operations, to ensure all work is performed to industry standards and the provision of a value for money service.

Our management team and highly skilled bore crews have the experience to solve any problems encountered in a commercial bore field. Our crews also adhere to strict Occupational Health and Safety guidelines to ensure all of our services are carried out in a safe environment.


Our Services

At Water Bore Redevelopers, we offer our clients a full range of water bore management services to ensure bore field longevity, lower costs, and pumping efficiency.


Our services include:

  • Water Bore Repairs
  • Water Bore Redevelopment
  • Bore Field Monitoring
  • Test Pumping
  • Bore Decommissioning
  • Video Logging
  • Water Bore Cleaning
  • Bore Rehabilitation
  • Water Meter Calibration


Our Capabilities

Water Bore Redevelopers has the facilities to manufacture our own plant and machinery. For example, our Total Development Rigs (TDR) have removed the need for cranes on mine site projects, facilitating the safe installation and removal of bore pumps.

We have also developed Bore Field Management Software, which enables clients to better manage their bore fields and predict when a bore requires redevelopment.


Our Water Bore Redevelopment Process

The water bore redevelopment process begins with a CCTV inspection of the bore to identify the extent and nature of any blockages. This enables us to determine the best technique for redevelopment.

We employ a number of methods for redevelopment, including:

  • Brushing and Surging – this includes the injection of relevant chemicals depending on the type of growths in the bore, such as iron oxide, sulphur reducing bacteria, or calcium etc.
  • Sonic Blasting Techniques – incorporating “Sonar Jet” for heavy encrustations of calcium etc.
  • Re-lining of Bore with Stainless Steel – this is used when the bore has been damaged structurally
  • Patching of Bore – this is used when holes have developed


Once the redevelopment is complete, we carry out test pumping to prove capability and perform a final CCTV inspection to confirm the state of the bore after treatment.

For further information, email Water Bore Redevelopers or phone (08) 9206 3930.